When fall deer season has come to an end and the Christmas lights start to come down for the year there is one thing that comes to mind for the die-hards like myself. We start to see visions of a bright white glimmer laying in a cut cornfield and our heartbeat beings to pick up just at the thought of finding that shed.

Most people during this time of year are thinking about when they’re going skiing or planning out what lake they are going to fish this spring. But the satisfaction of finding that shed antler that you have been after brings us back each year. The timeframe between January and March is shed season for many hunters around the country and boy is it fun.

For us, shed hunting is just what we do this time of year. Even though most people miss the point of it or simply don’t understand why we walk around for hours upon hours to find a bone.

I can promise you there is much more to hunting sheds than just stumbling across a bone and picking it up. It’s more about the dedication, hard work, and capital that you put into the sport of hunting and the outdoors. We, as hunters, sacrifice all of those things for the hopeful opportunity to release an arrow at a mature whitetail during the fall.

Shed hunting is just part of the process and it always will be.

Not only do we get to experience the excitement of finding a shed during this time of year but we also get to work off all those calories from the Christmas season.

Postseason scouting is a very important aspect of hunting and could make all the difference in the world when trying to get within the bow range of your target buck. Shed hunting is the perfect way to go about a postseason scouting trip.

Shed hunting will take you to places that you have never been or forgotten about on your property. It is the ultimate scouting mission and will teach you many things about the land that you are on.

Everyone misses high school, right? Go back to your glory days and let the trek of finding a shed act as your teacher for the day. Take in every little thing you can from that experience and let all those rubs, scrapes, and beat-down trails sink into your mind.

Even better, mark them on your map of choice then get your brain working. Sit down and evaluate why they are located where they are. You may be surprised at what you find.

Some of my favorite areas or core areas on my farm came from a shed hunt that led me into my now-called sanctuary. Remember, a simple walk to find a bone could be a game-changer for your next year in the stand.

Another one of my favorite takeaways from a shed hunt is the sense of mind about what deer made it through the year. I sleep much easier after I find a fresh shed off one of my hitlist bucks that haven’t been active on trail cameras.

There are numerous things you can learn from a shed hunt but there is one thing that should always be a constant when this time rolls and that is COMRADERY.

At the end of the day family, friends, and a few dogs out enjoying God’s beautiful creation is what a shed hunt is all about. Finding a shed or scouting for next fall is just icing on the cake.

This is your time to bring your loved ones out and show them why you do what you do.

Let the little ones go play and run around while you take in the beautiful landscape that you are so fortunate to be recreating on.

A shed hunt is a perfect opportunity to instill the love for the outdoors in all the people close to you. For me, being a young boy all decked out in camo running around with an antler in my hand is what comes to mind when I think about what sparked my love for the outdoors.

Shed season will be upon us in no time, get ready to get out and have some fun!