Scent, sound, and sight are the whitetail’s biggest defenses listed in the order of most importance.  A mature buck can keep track of danger by covering a very large area with just his nose alone.  Most hunters think that a deer only knows that a human is hunting them if they happen to walk downwind of the hunter’s stand and smell them.

What most hunters do not realize is that it is just not the human scent that is traveling on the air currents from their stands that alert the deer.  Most whitetails discover that they are being hunted by the odors left behind by the hunter coming and going from his stands.  By learning to control your scent, you will be one step closer to becoming a ghost as you travel through the woods hunting those monster bucks.

Scent Control Clothing

Scent control clothing came out quite a few years back.  Its purpose was to eliminate human scent.  Originally only one manufacturer made this type of clothing.  Now there are a handful of manufacturers out there producing good quality, scent control clothing.

Many casual hunters feel that this type of clothing does no good at eliminating human scent.  What you mus know is that this clothing is just part of the system you should use to help eliminate or reduce your human scent in the field.  If you do not buy into and use a complete scent control system, you will not contain your scent enough to consistently bring home those monster whitetails.

There is probably not a true trophy hunter out there that does not rely on some type of scent control clothing.  It does not really matter which brand of this type of clothing that you buy.  The important thing is that you use it property.

Do not just use the coat and pants of this clothing.  You must likewise cover your head, mouth, and even your hands.  Make sure you keep this product properly cleaned per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Most of this type of clothing gets revitalized, if you put it in the dryer for a period of time.  You will find that the more often you do this the better your hunting becomes.

Always store this product and any other equipment in a sealed scent-proof bag or container.  Never wear this, or any of your other hunting clothing around fire, gas stations, restaurants, the house, in your car, or anywhere that you could contaminate your clothing with foreign smells that could alert that trophy whitetail to your presence.