This is part four and the final part of our scent control series.

Breath Control

Bad breath can ruin your hunt just as fast as anything else.  All of the other things that you do to control your odor while sitting in your stand does no good, if you have the breath of a dragon.  Never fear because there is a cure for bad breath.  Your spouse, family, friends, or significant other will appreciate your new fresh breath as well.

First, buy a tongue scraper from your local drug store.  They are relatively inexpensive.  Scrape the top of your tongue with this scraper prior to brushing your teeth.

Next, make a mouthwash solution of half 3% hydrogen peroxide and half salty water.  Please make sure the hydrogen peroxide is 3%.  Hydrogen peroxide usually costs only a dollar per bottle, which you can find at your local drug store.  Gargle with this solution for at least a couple of minutes.  Spit the solution out and rinse with plain water.  Do not swallow this solution.

Finally make a tooth powder out of a combination of three parts baking soda and one part salt.  Mix this thoroughly and store in a dry container.  Use this tooth powder on a wet toothbrush.  Then gently brush your teeth, gums, tongue, and every part of your mouth.  Do this for at least a couple of minutes.  After a week or so you should find that you have no breath odor.

Controlling Bad Odors

There are many odors out there that can ruin your hunt for that trophy buck.  The more you think about your scent control and avoid them, the better your odds of taking home that trophy whitetail.

If you have pets, try to keep your equipment away from them and where they lay.  Do not stop at the gas station on the way to your hunt.  Do not eat breakfast or lunch in your hunting clothes.  If you are setting stands at the last minute or dragging and cleaning a deer, please wear clothes other than your hunting clothes, and take a shower before going back into the woods.

You are probably able to think of many other odors that may ruin your hunt.  Keep this in mind, and you will be successful in your trophy hunting.

Wind Direction

Many articles and books are written about using the wind in your favor for scent control.  They go into great detail and should be studied.  You should be familiar with the subject, if you have deer hunted at all.  By now you should have a good understanding about the use of the wind and air currents, but there are a couple of things that should never leave your mind.

Never hunt a stand if the wind is not in your favor.  Pressured bucks do not make mistakes after they have survived a couple of years.  To let them locate you in your stand, just once, will make the stand useless.

When you are preparing your stands, always keep wind direction in mind.  If you are creating funnels or controlling deer movement in any way, make the deer move to a stand where the wind is in your favor.

Scent-control clothing and hygiene is not always perfect, and do not just rely on it when hunting mature whitetails.  You must use everything you can to gain an advantage.  This is how you put the odds in your favor to take home that monster buck.

When entering and leaving your stand, always think of where your scent is blowing as you travel through the woods.  It does no good to let the deer know your location, even when you are not hunting and just traveling to and from your stand.