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Recent Articles

Recent Articles


By |July 17, 2018|

Let me understand hunting leasing better and took care of advertising and paperwork with what seemed to be my interest. - Bobby (OH)


By |July 17, 2018|

Most of the licensees (hunters) have taken good care of the property and kept trespassers out, I am very happy with Base Camp. - Jeff (IN)


By |July 17, 2018|

In my dealings you have been: well organized, responsive to inquiries, A+ Newsletter, Christmas "thank – you", stamp return envelopes – Douglas (NY)


By |July 17, 2018|

Very satisfied and would recommend the program to landowners and hunters alike. Our licensees are above friendly – Robert (PA)


By |July 17, 2018|

I have been completely satisfied with Base Camp and with its president Steve Meng, who came out in person to look at the properties. As for any suggestions on how you could improve – just keep doing what you are doing. - Ed (MI)


By |July 17, 2018|

"Our farm leased within hours of being placed on the public website. We could not be happier with the entire experience."


By |July 17, 2018|

"I am a happy Base Camp Leasing landowner for three years running now. Base Camp has made it easy with a turn-key system, includes liability coverage, even showing the place to prospective clients for me."


By |July 17, 2018|

“The hunters on my land have been very respectful and I am happy to have them coming in again this fall. I would recommend this process to those interested in having hunters on their land, and as a source of extra income from your property.”

May 2016

By |May 5, 2016|

Featured Property #7054 - Hardeman County, TN Acres: 212 Max Hunters: 3 Price: $3,605 Here’s your opportunity to hunt the #4 County ...

March 2016

By |March 5, 2016|

Featured Property #6963 - Halifax County, VA Acres: 204 Max Hunters: 6 Price: $3,300 This Halifax County property available for ...

January 2016

By |January 5, 2016|

January Issue Hunting Leases Done Right LEASING AGENT TROPHY PHOTOS: Andy Guernsey Indiana Leasing AgentBase Camp's Indiana Leasing Agent, Andy Guernsey, harvested ...

December 2015

By |December 5, 2015|

December Issue Hunting Leases Done Right LEASING AGENT TROPHY PHOTOS: Brandon Cutler Kansas Leasing AgentBase Camp's Kansas Leasing Agent, Brandon Cutler, harvested ...

October 2015

By |October 5, 2015|

October Issue Hunting Leases Done Right FEATURED HUNTER CHRISTOPHER CESSNA Chris Cessna discusses the story behind the 155” whitetail in the photo. “I’ve been ...

July 2015

By |July 5, 2015|

July Issue Hunting Leases Done Right FEATURED HUNTER NATHAN STONER Nathan Stoner was another one of our BCL photo contest finalists.  ...

March 2015

By |March 5, 2015|

March Issue. Hunting Leases Done Right This issue sponsored by... FEATURED HUNTER PHOTO CONTEST WINNER Ty Chatell "Michigan Fall Turkey" ...

February 2015

By |February 5, 2015|

February Issue. Hunting Leases Done Right FEATURED HUNTER: Bruce Harris  Bruce Harris leased his Cortland County, New York Base Camp property so ...

November 2014

By |November 5, 2014|

FEATURED BCL LEASE: Oklahoma's Cherokee CountyProperty #: 6242 Acres: 1200     Max Hunters: 8 Certified Check Price: $13,500/ Credit Card Price:        ...

October 2014

By |October 5, 2014|

Read "Tips for Taking Better Hunting Photos" by John Dudley FEATURED BCL LEASE: New York's Ontario County Property #: 6212 Acres: 265     ...

September 2014

By |September 5, 2014|

 Base Camp Leasing has teamed up with Huntin' Fool to provide Wall Hanger members with a FREE eMag Subscription.  Huntin’ Fool is a member ...

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